Alumni Sharing: “Turning Your Passion into Vision"

International Women's Day belongs to all who are making positive changes and impact for women day by day. It encourages women to achieve their ambitions and unleash their limitless potential offered to society. On March 9, the School organized an Alumni Sharing entitled “Turning Your Passion into Vision”, featuring two talented alumnae speakers who follow their passions in launching their own ventures on education and meaningful social cause.

Alumni sharing

The two speakers were Venus Leung (BSC-QFIN), Co-Founder & General Manager, Parkland Music Limited and Fion Leung (BBA-MGTO), Co-Founder, Time Auction. Coincidentally, both the speakers quitted their banking jobs to start their own companies. When asked about the transition from working in the corporates to setting up their own firms, Venus said her experience in investment banking prepared her well in the start-up journey. “Given limited resources in a startup, I have to work extremely hard and efficiently, like what I used to do in the bank.” Fion added, “It requires a change of mindset. The work environments are completely different. Self-discipline and the ability to prioritize and multi-task are also important.”

Parkland Music is now one of the leading music school chains with 27 branches in Hong Kong and has served over 10,000 students. Venus credited her education at HKUST Business School for training her the problem-solving skills and the opportunity to meet and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Those skills and experience equipped her for managing her business.

To Fion, she first got the inspiration from an entrepreneurship class she attended at HKUST. She also started volunteering during her university time. Volunteering then became a habit for her. Started as a side project in 2014, Time Auction quickly gained traction among generous donors and young adults. Over 15,000 volunteer hours raised to date featuring many visionary business and community leaders.

To achieve one’s career goal, preparation is everything. “Luck only comes when you get yourself well prepared. Continuously equip yourself for opportunities,” Venus said. Fion also shared that lucky people are those who are curious about what others do and are willing to get themselves out there, that was exactly how she met the first two donors for Time Auction.

Moderated by Professor Veronique A. LAFON-VINAIS, Executive Director (Career and Corporate Outreach) and Associate Professor of Business Education, the event was part of the ‘HKUST International Women’s Day’ programs. Visit IWDatHKUST official page for details.