Art Appreciation Talk: “Where to Begin – Prehistory”

On Jun 2, we held the first ever Art Appreciation Talk for our SBM alumni at HKUST Business Central. The talk, entitled “Where to Begin – Prehistory” was conducted by Kellogg-HKUST EMBA alumna, Cammy Yiu. (Click for full bio)

As the Editor in Chief of CULTURE Magazine and a Marketing Professional, Cammy also managed Alluminate Gallery, an online platform for art collectors to view and purchase original works of art. At the talk, she guided us through how the emergence of man as an artist and the origins of art, and also shared on the evolution of art – from the earliest examples of man-made implements such as stone axes to the emergence of cave paintings and early sculpture.

The lively yet informative event has proven to be a big success, attracting around 100 alumni from different programs.