IWD Alumni Sharing “When Art Meets Business"

As part of the HKUST’s International Women’s Day initiative, the School organized an alumni sharing entitled “When Art Meets Business” on March 5, featuring two alumni speakers – Dolphin Yip (BBA-MARK; MA-SOCS), Visual Artist and Founder of Art of Dove Meditative Art Studio and Eric Yim (MBA), Founder & Designer of Jadeite Atelier

As business graduates, both Dolphin and Eric are passionate and dedicated in combining their background in business and expertise in art.  Dolphin alchemized meditation with expressive arts and opened a studio specializing in a neo-form of art healing called “Soul Painting”. Eric first graduated as a software engineering. He later found his genuine interest in design and made a career change in 2007. He joined the jewelry industry with an aim to demonstrate the beauty and cultural significance of jade in an innovative way.

To both speakers, art and business are not mutually exclusive.  “Art is anything that’s creative and can be seen in everyday life”, Eric said.  Dolphin shared that “Art and business can be closely connected. Business is the door opener to art and art can create countless possibilities.”  They both gave credit to their business education at HKUST for providing them the foundation as well as the problem-solving skills to run their businesses.       

Dolphin also shared about her unique recipe to maintain a work-life balance, “Meditation is a way of healing and unwinding to me; from time to time I have to step out from my hectic work to find that mindfulness. It helps me focus and find new inspiration.”  Working between his family jade business and managing his own jewelry brand, Eric also maintains a healthy lifestyle by regular exercise. 

When asked about how they overcame the challenges along their entrepreneurial journey, Eric shared that it was important to keep a ‘day one’ mindset to keep one’s passion.  “Never afraid of trying something new, I firmly believe that people will change their stereotypes of jade one day when they see the modern design of my brand.”  Dolphin added “To achieve one’s goal, it is important to do things with perseverance, courage and determination, this apply to all aspects in life.” 

For the event’s photo album, please click here. For more information about HKUST’s International Women’s Day programs, visit the official page at IWDatHKUST